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Reset to Love is an Invitation

Love is the Destination

Love is the Force

At the Heart of All Creation

It's Calling to You Now

Calling You to Choose It

Calling You to Choose You

As Your Greatest Love of All

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Reset to Love is an energetic transmission broadcasting the Frequency of Love.

Imagine if you will that Reset to Love is an energetic radio station broadcasting the Frequency of Love, and inviting you to tune in to the very centre of your own Heart.

If you are ready and wish to receive this broadcast of Love, all you have to do is CHOOSE to receive it.

The moment you choose to receive the Reset to Love transmission is the moment the transmission begins.

The Reset to Love transmission has been created to help you connect to your own Heart.


If you are choosing to receive the transmission right now, you may begin to experience a feeling of Love unfolding within you. 




Tori Bassett

Creator & Catalyst

I am a mother, an artist, and a catalyst for heart-centred consciousness. I was born in England and moved to my present home in New Zealand in 2003.


It is my greatest pleasure to help you find the Love and Balance that already exists in the centre of your own Heart.

I have been creating the Reset to Love transmission since 2006, when a significant shift in my conscious awareness enabled me to see deep within the fractured heart of the collective consciousness of humanity.

Every day since 2006, I have been working within our collective heart, calling home the fragmentation from our battlefields of conflict and separation — creating a reflection of wholeness and unity to awaken the love and balance that exists within us all.

Reset to Love was created for these pivotal times, in which we are all being called to face and embrace our individual and collective shadow, like never before.


It is an honour to be of service. 


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Reset to Love was created to be free to all who need it. However, if you can afford to support this transmission with a financial contribution, you can do that here.

Your contribution will open this transmission up to more people... (and buy me a pair of shoes). ​

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